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Managing Stress Towards Towards a Healthy Lifestyle by Salem Aleton, Globe & Mail

It has been called the widest epidemic of our era but most of its symptoms are so common that its identity remains hidden to many people. The opening salvos may consist of headaches, insomnia, mild depression, anxiety, skin disorders, muscle pain and constipation.
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Relax by Judy Steed, City Woman Magazine

t's ironic that people of the fitness generation still have to learn how to relax. The techniques are as old as the hills. They call for an alliance between body and mind. If anyone has ever taken steps to counteract stress, it's me.
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De-Stress for Success by Colleen Seto - AirLines Magazine

Hidden in the bustling city of Toronto, amidst the rushing traffic and scores of people, is a little haven called the Relaxation Response Institute.... 
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How to Let Off a Little Steam at Work by Richard Skinulis, Your Office

Everyone who works in an office knows what a pressure cooker it can be. Tim Breen knows it better than most people do.
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