Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Eli's programs teach "the Why" and "the How" of unwinding from stress and tension. As a general rule, the more time spent focused on doing the methods we teach, the more empowered you will be to do it on your own.

In all of the following programs, techniques to trigger relaxation are taught.

The longer the program, the more techniques taught. This cumulative experience of using several different methods to activate relaxation produces unusual tension release. This deep relaxation benchmarks the feeling of an exceptionally stress-free state, making it easier achieve on your own after the program.

To be able to let go of physical tension and mental and emotional stress on command is a skill that requires focused practice to achieve. The challenge is to devote the time required for skill development.

The shorter programs Breakout and Half Day (up to and including The One Day) are introductions of varying degrees to the state of deep relaxation and teach specific, practical techniques.

The longer training programs, especially the Two Day plus Two and the Five Session Beyond Stress actually offer the structure and support for real skill development to emerge over a few weeks.

Eli offers only the five session Beyond Stress to the general public and offers a guarantee of skill development or money back.


Here is what the CIBC said.....

"The Beyond Stress program for stress resilience has been delivered to several hundred CIBC employees over the past few years with outstanding results. In fact, I am not aware of any employee development program where we have received more positive feedback from participants. We have made the program available to help employees deal with the stress, complexity and time-pressures in their lives. Our goal was to help employees manage their lives more effectively, and in turn be more productive in their careers. Based on the feedback we have collected, I believe the program achieves these objectives. We did a professional, objective analysis of the effects of the program on many dimensions. The following are some of the findings:  

More than 75% of employees who were experiencing physical/mental problems like tension, headaches, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and chest pain experienced significant improvement
Employees in general reported improvements in their moods, outlook in life, "ability to cope", and general well-being
Employees were extremely appreciative that this program was offered by their employer.
I have no hesitation in concluding that Mr. Bay's program added real value to the lives of our employees who participated."

Mike Pedersen, Senior Executive Vice-President, CIBC


Beyond Stress Breakout: Mini

Duration: 1-3 hrs.

In this time frame, Eli spends approximately 45 - 60 minutes developing an understanding of the need for self-regulation as a well being strategy for staying physically and mentally healthy and at our productive best.

The balance of the session is devoted to teaching breathing, muscle relaxing and mind focusing techniques to trigger relaxation. The more time spent learning and practicing different exercises will produce cumulatively deeper relaxation experiences.

There is no limit to the number of participants. Instructional audio CDs may be purchased separately to assist in skill development.

Beyond Stress: Half Day

Duration: 3-4 hrs.

The Half day program is able to extend the experience described in the Break Out Session with the introduction of additional techniques and with the additional time, deepen the effects of the relaxation experience of the participants.

Beyond Stress: One Day

Duration: 6-7 hrs.

This in our view is the best introduction to the Beyond Stress strategy. In this timeframe and format Eli delivers a solid understanding of "why" and "how" to build resilience to accelerating change and stress and a powerful "experiential knowing" of the relaxation response strategy.

Several hours of relaxation exercises produce an unusually stress-free experience that is sometimes felt for days afterwards.

The participants are taught a range of practical techniques for personal use and, as the day unfolds, develop more and more mental and physical appreciation as to why and where they could use the techniques learned to stay in control of their automatic stress reactions.

Ideally this workshop is done in a location where everyone is able to sit, stand and lie down on a carpeted floor. Eli is especially effective in keeping the participants mentally and physically involved throughout the process.

His audiences appreciate the unusual awareness gained and the range of relaxation triggers that they can easily use in and out of their jobs.

Eli can work with both small and large groups. Instructional CDs by Eli are optional but recommended as they significantly support the follow-through needed for skill-development to emerge.

Beyond Stress: Two Day

This workshop is a small group process to successfully transfer a basic self-regulatory skill to unwind from stress, tension and pressure on command.

On the first day, Eli provides a compelling perspective on how accelerating change and stress can negatively impact each of us individually and organizationally and offers a scientifically proven strategy which everyone can immediately begin to use to keep their personal stress levels optimal and healthy.

After the "why" and the "how" are explained in the first morning, the next several hours are spent progressively releasing physical, mental and emotional stress in a gentle, unthreatening manner through controlled breathing, light physical exercises and deep muscle relaxation. Many will experience their best night's sleep in years that evening.

The second day is devoted to learning, practicing and experiencing several hours of relaxation exercises in a process crafted to progressively release tension.

After several modules of deep relaxation over two days, what emerges is an implanted memory of deep physical, mental and emotional rest and recuperation that becomes benchmarked and increasingly easier to achieve with each successive experience.

A major component of the two days is to emphasize that relaxation techniques work quickly but the ability to skilfully self-regulate the body, mind and emotions -- anywhere and anytime -- takes daily regular practice for only a few weeks.

All participants receive instructional audio tapes or CDs in which Eli electronically comes home with them to support the ongoing training process until a basic skill emerges.

They are encouraged to practice the several techniques taught to them (with and without CDs/tapes) for four weeks as laid out in the included Beyond Stress Workbook.

If the proscribed structure of practice is followed, the ability to quickly, confidently and most importantly, effectively, release excess stress at will, will be achieved by almost everyone.

Participants float out of the two days feeling awesomely rested and rejuvenated, fully empowered and motivated to use the tools learned to develop high level inner control and self-mastery over their body, mind and emotions.

Beyond Stress: Two + Two

This is the Beyond Stress 2 Day Workshop with two two-hour follow-up sessions to promote practice and skill development.

In our time starved world, most participants struggle to carve out the time to do the necessary practice. Additional encouragement and support to follow-through is very helpful for most people.

We meet for two hours one week after the Two Day Workshop and then again for two hours two weeks later.

Attendees are further motivated by re-experiencing the wonderful feeling of deep relaxation and by sharing their experiences and benefits. Compliance with the relaxation practice significantly increases with the follow-up sessions.

Beyond Stress: 5 Week Corporate/In-House

Duration: Five Sessions, roughly one-half day each (3 hrs), held once a week, over one month, with daily practice required of participants.

This is the most effective skill-training course as it is the full Beyond Stress program offered in a corporate setting. It is a proven process which teaches how to masterfully let go of physical, mental and emotional stress at will.

In each of the five sessions, Eli teaches simple but powerful breathing, muscle relaxation and mind focusing techniques and participants are expected to practice them daily outside of the class.

By following our program over just four weeks the participants will develop and benchmark an experiential awareness and muscle memory or what we call a "body knowledge" of unusually effective relaxation.

Thirty years of experience has refined our process so that we can confidently ensure success in just five sessions held over a month. Participants are supported to follow-through with home practice for roughly one half-hour a day and receive a course manual and instructional CDs/tapes to enhance their practice.

After one month, participants will be able to confidently unwind and revitalize their mind and body, measurably shutting down their stress reactions, at will, in just minutes.

Along the way, even skeptics discover that the process is profoundly effective in delivering a range of health and performance benefits and enhances the quality of their work and their life.

The process literally transfers to the participants the acquired know-how for mind-body self-regulation and delivers exceptional inner control. This provides them with a new strength for dealing with the unavoidable stresses of today's workplace and society.
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