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Who should take the five session Beyond Stress Course?

In our 30+ years of professional experience, virtually everyone, regardless of age, gender, personality, philosophy, intelligence or lifestyle, seems to benefit by learning how to properly unwind and de-stress.

The course is especially valuable for people suffering from functional and degenerative diseases as well as stress-related health concerns like insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, anger and other health problems discussed elsewhere on this site.

It is also equally valuable for healthy people who wish to stay that way. It was created for and originally taught as a modern "life skill" to enhance personal resilience and improve the ability to cope with a complex, rapidly changing and stressful world which unavoidably takes a toll upon everybody.

Few people have ever received training to be able to deliberately regulate their body and mind. When they are empowered to confidently use the practical inner control skills we teach, one of the most common comments is that they wish that they had learned this years ago and that they can't imagine how they ever managed without it.

Not only do people physically and mentally feel better very soon after starting to work with the techniques we teach, many report tangible improvements their relationships, in their athletic/sports performance, in their creativity and intuition, in their effectiveness at work, in their spiritual life.

There does not seem to be a single physical, mental or emotional ability that is not in some way enhanced when the chronic (usually unconscious) tensions and stresses are released on a regular basis. It's like having a safety valve to allow the stress and strain to be released from the body, mind and emotions before overloading and malfunctions occur.

Learning to let go of tensions and to focus the mind produces a relaxed alert state that is optimal for working with mental tools like visualization and self-talk. It is also an extraordinary foundation state for those wishing to do serious meditation, self-hypnosis, superlearning or other self-development.

"If you cannot control yourself, if you are not at peace with yourself, if you are distracted, you can never realize your true potential even if you're full of all the learning in the world."
The Upanishads

Is this hypnosis or meditation?

Actually both hypnosis and meditation use mind-focusing and relaxation techniques to evoke the downshift in the mind and body that Harvard University medical researchers have measured and labeled as "the relaxation response". The meditative approach is to quiet and clear the mind. With hypnosis, the intent is to quiet and reprogram the mind. Our techniques come from various schools of meditation and yoga as well as from hypnosis and from other human potential and psychology research. They have been stripped of medical and yogic jargon and other esoteric paraphernalia. The techniques are taught as practical, effective ways to trigger the state of deep relaxation. You will be empowered to release tension from your body and quiet, clear and reprogram your own mind.

Why is this course different from other similar courses?

The Beyond Stress course is a unique process designed and refined by Eli Bay over 30 years to transfer the skill of inner control to others. Most other programs emphasize only one or two techniques but Beyond Stress teaches more than a dozen. It uses a range of techniques which include self-regulated breathing, muscle relaxation, awareness, self-hypnosis and meditation in a manner to deliver the direct experience of unusually deep relaxation. The profoundly effective relaxation gained after unwinding in sessions lasting more than three hours becomes transferred to the body, mind and emotions as a memory that can be re-accessed with greater and greater ease with the practice and perfection of techniques. The emphasis is upon getting out of our own way and letting the body-mind heal and restore by letting go of the chronic and often unconscious tensions. The variety of techniques are taught as triggers to initiate the release of stress and the comprehensiveness of the approach enable everyone to find some methods which work especially well for them.

Is Eli Bay a physician or psychologist?

Eli is neither. He offers himself as a skill trainer, not a therapist, although his approach has proven to be very therapeutic for those suffering from health and performance problems related to stress. He is an extremely well read researcher and a respected expert in his field who teaches his method to physicians and psychologists, among others. He believes that everyone benefits when they learn how to deeply release tension and stress, both those in need of therapeutic intervention and those wishing to prevent problems from emerging in the first place.

Eli teaches a skill that made a real difference in his life. "When I first learned how to let go, I quickly (and naturally) got rid of the tension headaches that plagued me all my stressed-out life. I began to see colours more vibrantly and felt an inner calm that I had never known before. Over time, the skill enabled me to overcome a severe phobia about speaking to groups larger than three people. I now make a living speaking in front of groups."

After years of serious research and personal exploration, Eli developed a uniquely effective program to teach others to quickly, easily and pleasantly learn an extremely valuable success and survival skill for our time. As a pioneer with decades of experience teaching the art and science of self-regulation, he has proven the value of relaxation response skills in general and more specifically, his powerful process of experientially delivering a practical skill in four weeks.

How can you offer a money-back guarantee for something as intangible as learning to self-regulate the reactions of the body and mind?

After many years it became evident that the five session Beyond Stress process clearly works for almost everyone. Over 95% gain a basic self-regulatory skill in a month and the satisfaction level is stellar (see Testimonials). We rely on the honour system for the practice and, if a good attempt is put into the process, we offer a guarantee of satisfaction or money will be refunded. Alternatively, one may attend additional sessions free of charge until the ability to unwind emerges. If you don't do the practice, we can't guarantee it. The course is structured to enable and support busy, time-pressured people to focus on doing the practice for periods each day for a few weeks. The results speak for themselves.

I've tried to meditate and found that my mind is all over the place. How can this program help me to quiet my mind?

This is a very common issue and the Beyond Stress program directly addresses it. Since the body and mind are not just connected but actually one entity, it is possible to quiet the mind by relaxing the body and relax the body by calming the mind. We offer a range of techniques which have enabled even some of the most challenged clients to achieve exceptional mental quiet and physical relaxation.

The benefits sound too good. Is this snake oil?

The letting go process strikes at the Achilles heel of stress by measurably releasing the body and mind from many of the pernicious effects caused by years of on-going strain. Because stress hormones influence every cell, organ and system of the body, affecting us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, when the chronic strain is released, a cornucopia of benefits is usually felt. We emphasize doing the process like an experiment, with a critical "prove it to me" attitude. It does not require belief to work, only several hours of focused practice.

If it's so good, why hasn't my doctor recommended it?

Alas, few physicians study or appreciate self-care approaches. The doctors who know about it have had to come to it on their own or have learned about it from patients. The traditional medical approach and culture is still essentially a "cut and drug" approach but there are signs that wholistic thinking is breaking through. A substantial number of our clients come to the program from referrals by their physician or healthcare professional. Eli Bay is now teaching this skill to physicians through the Ontario Medical Association and hopefully more physicians will come to soon understand the value of this approach. Volumes of respected research confirm the value of relaxation training but its advocates haven't the resources to compete with the pharmaceutical interests for the hearts and minds of the medical fraternity.

If I don't live in Toronto, how can I learn your methods?

If you cannot attend the five session course, you can always gain greatly from Eli's popular CDs. They are extremely effective in delivering the healing and performance benefits of deep relaxation.

Whether you work with one relaxation exercise or several, the challenge is to hang in with regular practice until the "let go" breakthrough happens, and then until the relaxation becomes embodied. Some people can unwind quickly and others need to be patient and stay with the exercises for two or three weeks for the cumulative effects to become evident. We offer a variety of techniques in audio-visual formats so that people can find approaches that work best for them.

If you can, the very best approach is to get directly involved the five session course. The long sessions and the support structure of the course can uniquely transfer the rare ability to unwind on command, without needing to rely on outside aids like our CDs. Next best, are our home study programs that provide a variety of techniques and a basic structure to follow until basic skill development occurs.

Courses held on weekend afternoons make it convenient for those living in the Southern Ontario region to attend. Eli Bay will travel to do courses and workshops in your community or organisation if there is interest.

If I now do yoga or meditate, will I be too advanced for your programs?

Although the course was designed for people inexperienced with other self-regulatory approaches, over the years we have had many experienced meditators and yoga practitioners (even teachers) who reported great personal gains from our process. It's unique flow and experience will enhance whatever discipline you practice.

I'm a religious person and concerned that the course will be in conflict with my religion. Should I be concerned?

Religious people find that our process enhances their spirituality but our approach is secular (non-religious). We focus on experientially letting go of physical and mental stress and our philosophy is wholistic and non-denominational. It should not conflict in any way with your religion unless your religion is anti-life. Call us if you are still concerned.

I'm concerned that I will be unable to stay concentrated or sit through an entire session. Why are they so long?

They are long for a reason. This is the time that it takes to deliver the experience of unusual relaxation which becomes transferred to you as muscle/emotional memory over a period of weeks. If you wish to get up, walk around, leave the room, you may, as long as you take care not to disturb others. Almost everyone finds that the variety of techniques that have you sitting, standing, moving, lying down, help to overcome short attention spans and enable even very restless people to stay focused. Interestingly, the relaxed state tends to distort time and most people report that the session just flew by. Most people report being more patient, calmer, less angry and more in control within weeks

Is this a touchy-feely program? Will I have to bare my soul to strangers?

This not group therapy. It is a program to deliver a first-class mind-body skill. Participants introduce themselves to the others in the first class and share from week to week what they are noticing. You may say as little as you wish without pressure placed upon you to talk. This is a relaxation course and we want you to be relaxed and comfortable. Most of our time is spent learning and practicing breathing, muscle relaxation and mind focusing techniques.

I'm afraid that I can't relax. I've tried other programs and tapes and nothing has worked for me. Why should I believe that you can help me?

Our program is uniquely comprehensive and effective. Over 30 years, many people who have felt that they were unable to relax have reported success with our approach. Very few programs take people through long sessions designed to gently take you beyond your resistances into an unusually relaxed state. By following our daily program, the ability to relax on your own becomes transferred to you, guaranteed. You are also taught many different ways to trigger relaxation and everyone finds some that work really well for them.

My golf and squash instructors have told me that I need to loosen up to improve. Will your course help me?

You bet! Joggers, triathletes, golfers, racquet players, swimmers, black belt martial artists, combat challenge firefighters and others have found that our approach enables them to more effectively release unneeded muscle tension, regulate emotional states, focus their concentration, effectively self-talk and visualize and build stamina and endurance. Our process works very quickly and within weeks benefits are usually quite apparent. "I wield the relaxation like a sword", Peter Reid, Captain of the World Champion Brampton Firefighters Combat Challenge Team.

A guidance counselor friend recommended your course to help my son to improve his memory. How does relaxation help?

Stress is the culprit that blocks learning and when it is effectively released there are usually noticable improvements in concentration and memory. It's difficult to be at your mental best when the normal state of your body is an aroused "fight or flight" survival state. Read the book Superlearning 2000 by Ostrander and Schroeder and learn how letting go can produce dramatic mental rewards. The New York based authors recommend our Beyond Stress program as one of the most comprehensive and effective relaxation programs.

I'm afraid that I'm losing it. My panic attacks keep me from going to malls or hospitals. Don't I need a psychotherapist or medication?

You may. Our training just focuses upon teaching a skill to enable you to gain a handle on the reactions in your body. Many long-term panic and anxiety sufferers, some with problems stretching over three and four decades, have reported that within weeks they were able to gain control over what used to be uncontrolled emotions and physical reactions. Some went onto therapy and others not.

How do I know this is not a cult?

Eli Bay has established himself as a reputable and serious practitioner of complimentary skills.

I am a meeting planner and am considering hiring Eli Bay to do programs for my organization. I see Eli does a range of presentations. What's the difference between them?

Eli is an excellent presenter who receives the highest evaluations from his clients. At the International Platform Association in Washington, DC, one of the most prestigious speakers' platforms in the United States, Eli received one of the highest evaluations for his keynote presentation. (copy available upon request)

Few presenters offer a more engaging presentation of why we must choose to manage our reactions to change and stress, or masterfully teach such a range of practical techniques to deliberately release stress and strain.

His Keynote Speech, Two Hour Mini-Workshop, Half-Day Workshop and One Day Workshop all can handle large as well as small groups and share a similar overview of the problem of and solution to excess stress. The difference between them is the number of techniques taught and experienced. The more time devoted to the program enables participants to experiment and discover what methods work best for them in different circumstances as well as producing a deeper experience of stress release. People float out of the shorter programs. They are poured out of the longer ones.

The Two Day Workshop, The Two plus Two, and the Five Session Beyond Stress allow for more intense experience and feedback and do more than convey just techniques and an unusually relaxed experience that is long remembered. They provide the training and support to enable an empowering self-regulatory skill to emerge. These are taught only to groups of less than 25 people.

Eli always prefers more time rather than less to deliver his presentations as the deeper experiences are more impactful and can transfer a skill. However, if time and resources are limited, the shorter programs provide practical know-how and are always very well received. 
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