Keynote Speeches

Keynote Speeches

"Eli conveys his message with eloquent conviction"

Eli offers well researched perspectives to engage the hearts and minds of each specific group he addresses. As part of the event, he takes the audience into a guided relaxation exercise giving a very real experience of profound relaxation and a tangible sense of what an effective stress management/well-being strategy can deliver.

This experience leaves the audience feeling revitalized, mentally clear, and motivated to use the practical breathing and mind focusing techniques both on the job and off.

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Commentary From Clients

"Your professional, insightful and effective form of stress management training and instruction is most relevant in this era of constant change. Your participation as a guest speaker for several public courses offered by the Canadian Management Centre is a vital part of those courses. The time is now that organizations and individuals realize the negative impact that constant change has on them. The outcome - stress - must be managed, or it may be distructive. You are helping organizations and individuals to realize this; then assisting them to manage the process."

Chris Peacock, Program Director, Canadian Management Centre, The Canadian Headquarters for the American Management Association International.

"As a speaker, Eli conveys his message with eloquent conviction. His listeners are left with a renewed faith in their ability to take control over their lives and make a difference in their future."

Alfred LesGresley, Manager of Training, Government of New Brunswick Board of Management

"Thank you, so much! - for contributing to the success of the Meeting Planners International Conference. I have spent the day evaluating the evaluations and speakers certainly do make or break a conference. I am delighted to say, in this case, you made it! The comments ranged from "fascinating!" to "absolutely amazing!." It seems that that the only way we could have improved upon your session was to make it longer!"

Kelly MacDonald, Conference Director, Meeting Planners International

"The Association Executives Council represents the collective leadership of The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributor's 110 member national associations. As such, it was extremely important for us to put top quality. leading edge presentations before them ... and that is what we did by presenting you. I'd recommend your presentation to any group of individuals suffering from information and stress overload."

Ron Schreibman, Vice-President, National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, Washington, DC

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