General Practitioners (MDs) & Health Professionals

General Practitioners (MDs) & Health Professionals

"Many stress-reduction programs work, but Eli Bay's Outer Stress • Inner Calm program is in a league by itself.  It not only provides practical skills to deal with life's stressful events, but opens one to dimensions of fulfillment and inspiration that are completely missing in most other programs.  My diagnosis:  This program is life-changing."

Author:  Healing Beyond The Body, Reinventing Medicine, and The Power Of Premonition
Dr. L. Dossey, MD

"The Beyond Stress course is a dream - a well-planned course that taps into human potential in a way that most people can understand, feel comfortable with, and adopt. It met all of my expectations (which were, by the way, very high)."

G. McKeown, Wellness Consultant

"I see a lot of people with TMJ pain dysfunction syndrome who do not benefit from conventional treatment (few do). I think they would do better with Beyond Stress than with conventional splints and muscle relaxants."

Dr. RW, Dentist

"The Beyond Stress course was eye-opening for me. I was never taught how to relax before and I never thought it was possible. I now sleep better and I'm more energized and productive."

Dr. A. Chan, MD

"I feel that everyone in this day and age should know and practice a relaxation technique and the Beyond Stress program offers a variety of learnable techniques taught in this way that, if the exercises are followed, the ability for someone to learn to relax is essentially guaranteed. I have no hesitation in referring patients to your program and do so daily."

Dr R. Cridland, MD

I have developed more awareness of subtle forms of stress. I was also able to break myself of a decades old problem of teeth-grinding and jawclenching (achieved after only the second session!). I am indebted to the course as well for helping me to develop an array of stress reducing techniques that I can use anywhere, anytime, to relax myself in only a few minutes. And of course, many of my patients have had wonderful results as well."

Dr. David Posen, MD

 "Over the last several years I have been astounded with the very positive results you have been producing with my hypertensive patients in particular. Most of these patients have been able to safely go off their medications. All of them have been able to reduce their dosages significantly. It's unfortunate that more doctors aren't aware of what your techniques are about."

Dr. Z. Rona, MD

"The Beyond Stress course is wonderful - a brilliant synthesis of leading edge techniques for stress control, creativity, awareness and spirituality. Eli Bay is masterful. A peak experience!"

Dr. W. Appleton, MD

"Eli Bay's work is a tremendous and necessary tool in the stress management armamentarium."

Dr. Peter Hanson, author of The Joy of Stress
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