Are You a Stress-Prone "Type A" Personality?


Type A personalities tend to be more successful and they also get 90% of all heart attacks. Are you a Type A? Here's a chance for you to test yourself. Below are two columns of contrasting behaviours. Since each of us belongs somewhere on a continuum between the two, select the button under the number where you think you belong between the two extremes.
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Doesn't mind leaving things temporarily unfinished Must get things finished once started
Calm and unhurried about appointments Never late for appointments
Not competitive Highly competitive
Listens well; lets others finish speaking Anticipates others in conversation (nods, interrupts, finishes sentences for others)
Never in a hurry, even when pressured Always in a hurry
Easygoing Always going full speed ahead
Takes one thing at a time Tries to do more than one thing at a time; thinks about what to do next
Slow and deliberate in speech Vigorous and forceful in speed (uses a lot of gestures)
Concerned with satisfying him/herself, not others Wants recognition by other for a job well done
Slow doing things Fast doing things (eating, walking, etc.)
Serene Hard driving
Expresses feelings openly Holds feelings in
Has a large number of interests Few interests outside work
Satisfied with job Ambitious; wants quick advancement at job
Never sets own deadlines Often sets own deadlines
Feels limited responsibility Always feels responsibility
Never judges things in terms of numbers Often judges performance in terms of numbers (how much, how many)
Casual about work Takes work very seriously (works weekends, brings home work)
Not very precise Very precise
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