On the Beyond Stress Program Experience

On the Beyond Stress Program Experience

"I have been a student of your relaxation techniques for several years since I first took your Beyond Stress course about six years ago. I still practice your exercises and sincerely believe that the skills I learned at The Relaxation Response Institute have kept my own chronic autoimmune illness under control. Further, I believe that these techniques have contributed to my ability to calmly mentor and coach my team, during these pressured times of complex change and ambiguity. Your exercises and techniques are an invaluable and effective method of dealing with stress in a healthy and constructive manner. Thank you for the contribution you have made toward integrating good health and well being into my daily life."

P. Skene, Bank Vice President

"I am very impressed by the study of stress that Eli Bay has done and the resource he has become because of his knowledge in the field. The Beyond Stress course is first-rate in material, content and the way it is presented. I am most grateful for the course because of the benefits I have derived personally.

Dr. D. Posen, MD

"I feel grateful for having the opportunity to experience the five sessions Beyond Stress course. It has combined the very best of all the significant learning to which I have been exploring during the past many years by some of today's most powerful thinkers and trainers, and in a way that builds skills, confidence and real learning. Thank you, Eli, for your wisdom and generosity of spirit. I feel empowered and changed by this experience. My creativity has improved, I sleep better, my thinking is more focused. I'm more organized and more optimistic. I have more energy and feel more grounded."

AS, Trainer

"The Beyond Stress course was the best course I have taken in more than 22 years, including my university training."

E. Martin, Businessman

"The Beyond Stress course is wonderful - a brilliant synthesis of leading edge techniques for stress control, creativity, awareness and spirituality. Eli Bay is masterful. A peak experience!"

Dr. W. Appleton, MD
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