Physical Health Related Experiences & Changes

"My headaches have completely stopped. I can sleep through the night without dreaming about work. My blood pressure has dropped and I was able to handle a family crisis without falling to pieces."

MH, Banker

"If anyone would have told me that 5+ years of chronic upper back pain would melt away in the first few hours of the Beyond Stress course, I would have said they were crazy- but it did!"

TL, Banker

" Most of all, after 21 years of chronic constipation and the last ten years of spastic colon, I no longer suffer from these. I sleep better and when I lay down, I can fall asleep instantly."

SP, Sales Manager

"The Beyond Stress course eliminated my migraines."

M. Cunningham, Librarian

"Since taking the Beyond Stress course a few months ago, the improvements in my health have been amazing. Prior to taking the course I constantly had neck and shoulder pain and had taken therapy at the local hospital but the pain remained. After taking your course, my neck and shoulder pain completely disappeared and I haven't felt an ache since."

V. Mathieu

As an insulin dependent diabetic I was taking close to and sometimes in excess of 90 units of insulin daily. At the end of the course, I was and still am, maintaining an excellent control with only 30 units per day. This is truly astounding, as the less insulin required to maintain control, the healthier my body will be.

M. Ball, Manager

"I have searched 'far and near' for some relief from my pain (due to post-polio syndrome) and always returned to your relaxation response methods."

C. Coiffe

"The relaxation training I received from the Beyond Stress course helped me to overcome a sleeping problem I have had for 20 years and helped my spastic colon condition."

C. Held, Homemaker

"I took your course several years ago and have continued to use the techniques. I have had a complete remission in my arthritis."

E. Kuber, Hospital Administrator

"I had been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome - a catch-all diagnosis that for me meant chronic diarrhea  accompanied by moderate to severe abdominal pain. I was at my wits' end when I enrolled in your Beyond Stress course, not knowing if it would help me but willing to try anything. I can now say that your methods have cured my IBS and, along the way, my allergy to wheat products also cleared up."

S. Gamble, Researcher

"You have been able to help cases of insomnia and anxiety and many other psychosomatic disorders of my patients without drugs. I'd like to sincerely thank you for your excellent work. You've succeeded in making me look good in the eyes of my patients for referring them to you on many occasions."
Dr. Z Rona MD

"My friends and family have noticed improvements in my speaking voice (the reason I came is for Dystonia) and I can relax easily and let irritations go. The course was an eye-opener and a shock to me as to how much tension I carried. Eli is amazing at what he does and how he does it."

ND, Registered Nurse

"After a year of almost constant illness, my doing your relaxation exercises have produced wonderful results for me. My allergies are much reduced, I have far fewer headaches and my leg and foot pains have disappeared. The best thing of all is that I have been able to stop taking or reduce the amount of over-the-counter drugs I had been ingesting. For the first time in ages I feel I am regaining control over my body."

J Pritchard-Scott

Well Being and Personal Resilience Changes

"I am much calmer and more aware of my stress points. My colleagues have commented on how calm I am and how relaxed I look now. I should have taken this course long before now. I used to think that my regular jogging was all I that I had to do. I was wrong."

CB, Teacher

"From skeptic to convert in five very short evenings. First and foremost, my ability to deal with stressful situations improved almost immediately and continues to improve daily. I no longer dread situations at work or in my personal life that used to cause me such grief. Decisions have become easier, worries have been less and I am a much happier person. 

Secondly, during the five sessions and with daily practice at home, I lost 14 pounds and have lost an additional 5 for a loss of 19 pounds to date. I might add that the only change that could have affected this loss were the relaxation exercises, as I did not make any significant changes to my food intake. Thanks for providing alternatives to stress and providing me with the skills to maintain a healthy attitude for the rest of my life."

M. Ball, Manager

"I now carry with me the glow of relaxed well-being - of an alert and receptive mind and a sense of being in touch with my true self - into my everyday life. The results are becoming more apparent almost daily.  I now know what it's like to be serene; what it's like to feel in control, in charge - not only of myself, but of my work as a writer, of situations in which I work and discuss problems with colleagues, and even in conferences with strangers... I feel myself thinking more clearly, more purposefully, and can get back on track whenever I veer off it... I am so grateful for what you have been able to teach me."

R. James

"The Beyond Stress course was something I have been looking for most of my life. I only regret that it took me nearly 50 years to find it, but better late than never."

P. Ricci, Teacher

"It has been more than two years since I took your Beyond Stress course and the benefits are still making themselves known. I rarely get upset now. I never lose my temper and I leave my frustrations where they are. Also, I rarely lie awake at night worrying about life. I feel the course taught me to focus my energy more positively so as to avoid sleepless nights. The techniques I learned in the course have become a part of my life. When I feel tension or anxiety, I know I can rely on the techniques to help me clear my mind and contain the anxiety. It was a great course that changed my life for the better."

W. Roberts, Advertising

"The Beyond Stress course has been profoundly beneficial to me. I was fast approaching burnout - physically, mentally and emotionally. Over just four weeks the physical symptoms are receding and I'm getting better in every way, every day. This course has been a blessing to me. I have more energy, a greater sense of well-being and contentment. I have more joy in my life, and this is just the beginning."

J. Byerlay, Chief Operating Officer

"I was a skeptical and reluctant participant at the beginning but the experience to which you so persuasively exposed me has been one I would not have missed for anything. The Beyond Stress program was an enjoyable and useful learning process, enabling any serious participant to gain an understanding and control over the stress tendencies that we all pursue with varying degrees of unconscious tenacity. Awareness is heightened and your solutions as taught and practiced over the five sessions most certainly work. I sleep better and I cope consciously now with stress indicators at work and at home."

J Kilpatrick, Human Resources Manager

"The Beyond Stress course is thorough and amazingly effective. My whole life now feels truly ahead of me. I have more energy and I am now able to relax, not collapse. My feeling of burnout is reduced and my sense of humor and flexibility has returned. I'm not so disassociated with my body and I have increased contact with my spirit. My peaks of anxiety are not as high and my lows are not so low. Some of my experiences in the course were really remarkable and very moving."
K. Kho, Graphic Designer

"I have a monstrous amount of stress in my life. So when I finally came to the realization that I needed to do something concrete to buffer my mental and physical health from the ravages of a typical urban life, I discovered most of the solutions being hawked were not for me... imagine my delight when I found Eli Bay, who offers a technique, and not some spiritual or mystical journey... Eli transferred to me, in a remarkably easy and straight forward way, a skill I never knew I had, and now can't imagine coping without - the ability to turn off the tape loop of daily detail, become aware of the tension carried in the body, and let all the stress drain out."

Avi Lewis, Host, "Counterspin", CBC Newsworld

General Practitioners (MD) & Health Professionals

"Many stress-reduction programs work, but Eli Bay's Outer Stress • Inner Calm program is in a league by itself.  It not only provides practical skills to deal with life's stressful events, but opens one to dimensions of fulfillment and inspiration that are completely missing in most other programs.  My diagnosis:  This program is life-changing."

Author:  Healing Beyond The Body, Reinventing Medicine, and The Power Of Premonition
Dr. L. Dossey, MD

"The Beyond Stress course is a dream - a well-planned course that taps into human potential in a way that most people can understand, feel comfortable with, and adopt. It met all of my expectations (which were, by the way, very high)."

G. McKeown, Wellness Consultant

"I see a lot of people with TMJ pain dysfunction syndrome who do not benefit from conventional treatment (few do). I think they would do better with Beyond Stress than with conventional splints and muscle relaxants."

Dr. RW, Dentist

"The Beyond Stress course was eye-opening for me. I was never taught how to relax before and I never thought it was possible. I now sleep better and I'm more energized and productive."

Dr. A. Chan, MD

"I feel that everyone in this day and age should know and practice a relaxation technique and the Beyond Stress program offers a variety of learnable techniques taught in this way that, if the exercises are followed, the ability for someone to learn to relax is essentially guaranteed. I have no hesitation in referring patients to your program and do so daily."

Dr R. Cridland, MD

I have developed more awareness of subtle forms of stress. I was also able to break myself of a decades old problem of teeth-grinding and jawclenching (achieved after only the second session!). I am indebted to the course as well for helping me to develop an array of stress reducing techniques that I can use anywhere, anytime, to relax myself in only a few minutes. And of course, many of my patients have had wonderful results as well."

Dr. David Posen, MD

 "Over the last several years I have been astounded with the very positive results you have been producing with my hypertensive patients in particular. Most of these patients have been able to safely go off their medications. All of them have been able to reduce their dosages significantly. It's unfortunate that more doctors aren't aware of what your techniques are about."

Dr. Z. Rona, MD

"The Beyond Stress course is wonderful - a brilliant synthesis of leading edge techniques for stress control, creativity, awareness and spirituality. Eli Bay is masterful. A peak experience!"

Dr. W. Appleton, MD

"Eli Bay's work is a tremendous and necessary tool in the stress management armamentarium."

Dr. Peter Hanson, author of The Joy of Stress

On the Beyond Stress Program Experiences

"I have been a student of your relaxation techniques for several years since I first took your Beyond Stress course about six years ago. I still practice your exercises and sincerely believe that the skills I learned at The Relaxation Response Institute have kept my own chronic autoimmune illness under control. Further, I believe that these techniques have contributed to my ability to calmly mentor and coach my team, during these pressured times of complex change and ambiguity. Your exercises and techniques are an invaluable and effective method of dealing with stress in a healthy and constructive manner. Thank you for the contribution you have made toward integrating good health and well being into my daily life."

P. Skene, Bank Vice President

"I am very impressed by the study of stress that Eli Bay has done and the resource he has become because of his knowledge in the field. The Beyond Stress course is first-rate in material, content and the way it is presented. I am most grateful for the course because of the benefits I have derived personally.

Dr. D. Posen, MD

"I feel grateful for having the opportunity to experience the five sessions Beyond Stress course. It has combined the very best of all the significant learning to which I have been exploring during the past many years by some of today's most powerful thinkers and trainers, and in a way that builds skills, confidence and real learning. Thank you, Eli, for your wisdom and generosity of spirit. I feel empowered and changed by this experience. My creativity has improved, I sleep better, my thinking is more focused. I'm more organized and more optimistic. I have more energy and feel more grounded."

AS, Trainer

"The Beyond Stress course was the best course I have taken in more than 22 years, including my university training."

E. Martin, Businessman

"The Beyond Stress course is wonderful - a brilliant synthesis of leading edge techniques for stress control, creativity, awareness and spirituality. Eli Bay is masterful. A peak experience!"

Dr. W. Appleton, MD
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