Unwind and Win


A Proven Way to Gain Control Over Chronic Stress and Develop Better Health and an overall experience of Well Being
This simple course will equip you with the ability:
  • to effectively release tension and stress
  • to calm your mind and get it to work for you
  • to laser-focus your thoughts in the direction of your goals.
  • to restore and build your physical and mental performance capabilities

Dear Friend,

As a professional trainer of self-regulation skills for over 30 years, I have taught my breathing and other mind-body techniques in high powered corporations, associations and hospitals and to physicians, astronauts, judges, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, creative artists, martial artists, and to people of all backgrounds.

Based on my extensive teaching experience, I KNOW that properly releasing unhealthy stress can be achieved by almost everyone with the techniques in Unwind & Win. And, I can confidently attest that, by releasing the excessive stress that modern living afflicts upon everyone, you enhance virtually all of your physical and mental abilities and build resilience to the stresses and strains that tomorrow will bring.

You will discover real benefits when you regularly turn on the little known but scientifically verified capacity to effectively rest and recuperate that’s hardwired into your parasympathetic nervous system. With just a little regular practice you will start noticing a real difference in your general state and sense of well being.

Stress-free living is accessible to everyone with the right skills and that’s why I have created this program.

Here is a summary of just some of the benefits you receive:

  • You’ll be able to calm your mind and emotions.
  • You’ll learn how to quickly regenerate your energy level.
  • You’ll dramatically reduce and gain control over your feelings of restlessness, anxiety, anger and depression.
  • Your concentration and memory will tend to improve.
  • You’ll fall asleep quicker and enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.
  • You’ll have natural way to overcome countless medical conditions caused or made worse by stress but without the side effects you receive from drugs. This isn't "woo woo". This actually works

The UNWIND and WIN Mini-Course:

Starting with base of breathing and muscle relaxation techniques, you will build concentration and brain-balancing skills that enable you to effortlessly rehearse your success with a laser-like focus.

You will develop the ability to experience unusually deep relaxation, the optimal state for visualization -- when your left and right brain hemispheres are synchronized, and your body and mind are calm and balanced – and be expertly guided to mentally rehearse the successful achievement of your goals while tuning into powerful, dormant capacities for achieving insight and well-being.

Combining physical relaxation, meditative concentration and visualization in an unusually powerful way, you may use the optimal mind-body state to manifest self-healing, career success, improved relationships, sport improvement – any and all goals upon which you wish to focus your intention! Peak athletes and the most successful people have been using these methods for years. Now they can be yours!

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Here's what others are saying about my practical approach to stress control:

"I have a monstrous amount of stress in my life. So when I finally came to the realization that I needed to do something concrete to buffer my mental and physical health from the ravages of a typical urban life, I discovered most of the solutions being hawked were not for me... imagine my delight when I found Eli Bay, who offers a technique, and not some spiritual or mystical journey... Eli transferred to me, in a remarkably easy and straight forward way, a skill I never knew I had, and now can't imagine coping without - the ability to turn off the tape loop of daily detail that normally floods the mind, become aware of the tension carried in the body, and let all the stress drain out."
Avi Lewis, Journalist

"Eli's course was a positive gift that altered every area of my life in a profound way. As the stress lessened, my emotions and general outlook improved dramatically. I have more energy -indeed moments when I am bursting with energy for the first time I can remember. I'm sleeping better and I've gotten in touch with a profound sense of peace."
B. Trotter, Professor

"A brilliant synthesis of leading edge techniques for stress control, creativity, awareness and spirituality. Eli Bay is masterful. A peak experience!"
Dr. W. Appleton, MD

"A well-designed training program that incorporates in a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable manner, the major insights and methods for self-knowledge, awareness and control. It opens a whole new world of possibilities. We can learn, control and develop ourselves without rigorous discipline or prescribed mumbo jumbo."
L. Mezei, Clergy
You could buy the these exercises separately but we put them together in this special program to provide you with a structure that helps you to grow a basic mind-body skill. A process that trains you to progressively unwind is significantly more powerful than just having a few great techniques that you can use.

In summary, here's what you get:

1) UNWIND and WIN Guidebook: Free
An easy-to-follow daily practice structure that will empower you to get beyond normal resistances and achieve unusually effective, deep, healing relaxation and resilience. It includes self-tests and provides valuable information on stress control and the medically defined ”relaxation response”.
2) Let Go (CD) Value: $24.95
Eli's relaxing voice, backed by a specially composed relaxation music track, will enable you to breathe away stress, tension, anxiety, pain, and with very little practice will empower you to do it on your own, anywhere. You will be led through three variations of deep breathing and discover how such a simple and practical technique can work wonders. This is one of the most effective relaxation methods. Great for beginners and those who wish to let go of unwanted emotions and tensions.

A wonderfully effective technique to experience deep relaxation. Eli's mellow voice will guide you through a process to release the tension in the major muscles of your body. When your muscles are relaxed, your mind and emotions get quiet. This is an excellent exercise for people who have trouble concentrating and for people embarking upon an exploration into practical stress release.

3) A Quiet Mind (CD) Value: $24.95
This exercise guides you into deep relaxation by asking you to imagine a series of simple images. It is easy to do and involves a novel approach that has proven to be very effective. In a sense you "exercise" your brain and relax at the same time. Eli's supportive voice and the pleasant musical accompaniment work nicely together to gift you with a pleasant state of balance and revitalization. Very effective in breaking up unwanted streams of thought such as worry and for inspiring creativity.

Eli guides you into an exceptionally relaxed state by combining muscle contraction to release physical tension, imagining the feeling of loose heaviness to elicit total body relaxation, and using simple mental imagery to calm and focus your mind.
4) Visualize (CD) Value: $24.95
MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE: This exercise is designed to help you focus your mind upon your desired goals. You are guided into a state of body/mind balance, the best state for working with autosuggestion, affirmations, and visualization. In the deeply relaxed state you are guided by Eli's supportive voice to imagine that you have successfully achieved your goals, a mental rehearsal that imprints a “blueprint” of your success into your subconscious mind. This is a proven success technique that can be used for a wide range of goals (losing weight, improving memory, increasing sales, improving your golf game, self-healing, sleeping better, etc.). In the background is the Baroque Superlearning music with 60 beats/minute to entrain your heartbeat and enhance the relaxation experience.

This is a relaxation and guided visualization exercise that takes you through a pleasant walk in nature and introduces you to your inner wisdom in the form of a wise person who will answer your important questions. Eli's experience of guiding tens of thousands of people into extraordinary healing and creative states provides a tool for self-discovery and growth that can be used over and over again.

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Instantly save $14.88 and receive a practical guide that, if followed, can lead to your ability to skilfully unwind on your own.
I’m so confident that you are going to be thrilled with the Unwind and Win program that I’m going to reverse all the risk. That's why I’m offering to let you listen to the CDs and discover for yourself their quality and effectiveness.

Go ahead and preview Unwind and Win in it's entirety and if you're not completely satisfied – we will be happy to refund your purchase.

Unconditional, No-Risk, 
60-Day, Money Back Guarantee

I invite you to discover your dormant capacity to unwind:

achieve effective relief from your stress symptoms - the "rust" of life
enjoy the optimal state to program your mind in the service of your goals

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I look forward assisting you in your journey towards success and relaxation!

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