About Eli

About Eli

For over 30 years, Eli Bay has been helping people substantially reduce and, in many cases, eliminate chronic anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, migraines, chronically high blood pressure, depression and many other stress related physical and psychological conditions.

With over 80% of physical health conditions being driven by stress, the learned skill of stress management techniques, as taught by Eli, have produced remarkable changes for thousands of his students. Not to mention what proves to be of immeasurable value to virtually all is an increased sense of well being and the ability to change their response to the stress triggers in their lives.

“Eli Bay’s work is a tremendous and necessary tool in the stress management armamentarium.”
Dr. Peter Hanson MD, author of The Joy of Stress 

Many of his students come on doctor or other heath professional recommendation because of the effectiveness of the array of techniques they acquire. Virtually all who have used his CDs or taken his Beyond Stress program come on the recommendations of his course graduates or those who have used his CDs.

His long time graduates have often indicated they still use the techniques they learned many years ago. They are a skill for a lifetime. Ask anybody who has had exposure to Eli and they will tell you there is no one like him. And these are people who, in most cases, have tried many different pathways before coming to Eli.

For those interested, we recently compiled research from over 2,700 of our graduates over a 7 year period who were asked to identify and rate the level of severity of their symptoms before and after this program. 

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"I am very impressed by the study of stress that Eli Bay has done and the resource he has become because of his knowledge in the field. The Beyond Stress course is first-rate in material, content and the way it is presented."
Dr. David Posen, MD
author of The Little Book Of Stress Relief

Eli’s unusually relaxing voice and decades of teaching experience make his programs and stand alone instructional resources (CDs, MP3s, DVDs) extremely effective with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Two educational television series, Well Being and Beyond Stress, have introduced his stress control skills to audiences all over the world as a natural and easy-to-do alternative or compliment to medication for a wide range of medical and psychological issues caused or made worse by stress. Eli is the consultant on stress on morethanmedication.ca promoting natural alternatives to medication & sponored by Pfizer Canada.

The Globe and Mail newspaper refers to him as “Canada’s Stress Guru”. He has been in The Canadian Who’s Who since 1986. 
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