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Eli's work has been well covered in the press. Here are some articles about Eli and his work over the last thirty years.


Articles and videos by Eli Bay on various aspects of stress.
 From those who have taken the Beyond Stress program, get a sense of what can be achieved when you develop and practice effective skills of stress management...their stories

Test Yourself
Type A personalities tend to be more successful. They also tend to get most heart attacks. Are you a Type A? Test yourself


Have you experienced any of these symptoms in the last month? Use the test to assess your current level of stress.


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 In our online store here, you can buy the Outer Stress • Inner Calm program - the complete self directed stress management program you can do at home.


In our audio centre you will find our CDs that have been used by thousands to develop their ability self regulate and release the symptoms of stress.



"After a year of almost constant illness, my doing your relaxation exercises have produced wonderful results for me. My allergies are much reduced, I have far fewer headaches and my leg and foot pains have disappeared. The best thing of all is that I have been able to stop taking or reduce the amount of over-the-counter drugs I had been ingesting. For the first time in ages I feel I am regaining control over my body."

~ J Pritchard-Scott

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