The Beyond Stress 
Audio Learning Series

Below is our new complete skill-training program for stress management on DVD and CD - Outer Stress • Inner Calm.

You will also find CDs of instructional relaxation exercises. For years these CDs have been regularly purchased by health professionals and clinics for sleep, anxiety, pain, anger, depression, functional disorders and psychological support. Well over 100,000 people have explored and felt the experience of profound relaxation.

Outer Stress • Inner Calm

Outer Stress • Inner Calm is our new complete self-guided audio-visual training program. 10 experiential training sessions on 3 DVDs, 4 CDs with 10 audio relaxation experiences and a 70 page Guide Book.

It offers a complete learning experience that will teach and transfer to you a skill to self-regulate your stress.

This is an experiential learning program that provides you with the ability to confidently let go of stress from your body and mind. Once you fully acquire this skill through direct experience, you will have it for a lifetime

Unwind and Win - 3 Audio CD Set & Guidebook

Unwind and Win is an audio based mini-course. 3 Audio CDs & Guidebook

Unwind & Win will give you a good grounding to our relaxation techniques. Starting with a base of breathing and muscle relaxation, you will build concentration and brain-balancing skills that enable you to effortlessly rehearse your success with a laser-like focus.

Combining physical relaxation, meditative concentration and visualization in an unusually powerful way, you may use the optimal mind-body state to manifest self-healing, career success, improved relationships, sport improvement – any and all goals upon which you wish to focus your intention! Peak athletes and the most successful people have been using these methods for years.

Let Go

Achieve unusually effective stress release with physically focused breathing and muscle relaxation. It's especially good for people with racing minds and tense bodies for whom other methods haven't worked well. Empowered Breathing guides you through three simple breathing techniques to create deep relaxation. Progressive Relaxation focuses upon releasing tension from the tight muscles. Good for everyone, young and old.

Going Deep

Let guided imagery deliver you to wonderfully effective physical and emotional relief. The Healing Light leads you on an exhilarating voyage both inside and outside of the body into an experience of profound serenity and well-being. Autogenic Relaxation creates physical, mental and emotional relaxation by evoking sensations of heaviness and warmth. You will truly unwind as you mentally bask on your favorite beach and just "be".

A Quiet Mind

Don't let your over-active mind sap your energy and keep your muscles tight. Cortical Relaxation uses simple images like numbers and letters to both stimulate and focus your mind and delivers a special experience of life-enhancing inner stillness. Focused Relaxation uses a combination of physical and mental techniques to effectively produce calm mental clarity and unusual revitalization.


You will likely never hear the end of these exercises. Sleep Naturally calms your body, mind and emotions to facilitate the onset of sleep. Unlike the other unwinding exercises created to provide mentally alert stress-release, this one deliberately guides you into sleep. Imagine a Space is a simple exercise of the imagination that can be used to relax you into sleep or to achieve alert inner peace.


Use deep relaxation with visualization to harness the extraordinary power of your mind. Maximizing Performance creates an optimal state in which your left and right brains work in harmony with your body to create an internal focus for successful achievement. Expanding Focus delivers the same balanced state and enables you to achieve surprisingly creative insights and answers to your important questions.
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